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Prof. Dong Eon Kim
Fundamental processes of chemistry, biology and materials science are triggered or mediated by the motion of electrons inside or between atoms. The atomic-scale motion of electrons typically unfolds within tens to thousands of attoseconds (1 attosecond [as] = 10-18 s). Recent breakthroughs in laser science are now opening the door to watching and controlling these hitherto inaccessible microscopic dynamics. They herald a new age of experimental physics: attosecond science provides - for the first time - direct access to any microscopic motion occurring outside the atomic core. This is a newly-emerging field in the 21 century, opening up a new horizon of science by observing, controlling and manipulating nature in a new dimension.

To promote this frontier, the Center for Attosecond Science and Technology (CASTECH) of POSTECH was established with a long-term support from both Korean government and POSTECH.

CASTECH is actively pursuing the following research topics: (1) study for the generation of attosecond pulses in new regime (2) development of new fs lasers related to attosecond science (3) study of ultrafast phenomena, using attosecond pulses (4) development of new attosecond spectroscopic and imaging methods (5) theoretical and simulation study for the better understanding of phenomena in attosecond time domain.

This is an ambitious vision, which demands efforts in every aspect; first of all, excellent young students and scientists. I hope that young and excellent scientist and students join in me in his exciting new journey into the realm of Nature that has not been explored.

CASTECH is also participating, as a research and development hub in asia pacific rim, in Max Planck Center for Attosecond Science (MPC-AS) established by Max Planck Society of Germany and Korean Government

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